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About us

The electronic and print media of Pakistan in general and of Balochistan in particular has failed to highlight the most critical issues of Balochistan. Therefore, there is a stronger need than ever for an alternative platform to report the ignored issues about Balochistan.

Current Balochistan was launched after taking into account the absence of freedom of press and the lack of access to freely-reported news and information. A network of journalists was spread across Balochistan to bring objective and authentic information to the world regarding Balochistan.

Current Balochistan is an online newspaper from Balochistan, launched on 23-November-2017. Current Balochistan is an online newspaper and works without any bias towards any race, religious or political ideology. The core values of Current Balochistan shape up an independent editorial policy for the newspaper. We at Current Balochistan believe on Objective Journalism and avoid any news item based upon allegation or speculations. Due to our indefatigable effort to disseminate the important and correct news about Balochistan, we aim to be the voice of voiceless.

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