Nationalist Baloch leaders and groups have vehemently endorsed the suicide attack carried out on Monday on Pakistan’s largest Stock exchange in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan.

According to details, Earlier Four Suicide attacker of Baloch Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade carried-out an attack on Pakistan Stock exchange in Karachi. Killing Seven Policemen and Security Guards.

Pro-Independence Baloch leaders and groups released media statements or took Twitter to express their views on the issue.

The self-sacrifices of Baloch youngsters are not for fame or obsessiveness, but to break the pride of the enemy, said Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Dr. Allah Nazar, a prominent pro-independence Baloch leader while paying tribute to the freedom fighters “martyred” in Karachi, has said that the attack on Karachi Stock Exchange was a warning to Pakistan and China to quit Balochistan. The Baloch nation has decided to take extreme steps to expel them from Balochistan. The great sacrifices of martyr Salman Hamal, Taslim Baloch, Shehzad Baloch and Siraj Kongar who belong from different parts of Balochistan will always be remembered not only by the Baloch national history in golden words but also be remembered by the all oppressed nations who fight for their freedom in any part of the world, he said.

He further stated that China is a modern-day imperialist and an aggressive power. China has made a long-term plan to use Gwadar as a launching pad by making Balochistan an undeclared colony to dominate the world. Pakistan has cheaply mortgaged Baloch lands to China. China’s presence here has become a threat not only to the Baloch national survival but poses a danger to the entire world. He said we believe that the world is still unaware of China’s intentions and that the Baloch are the only ones fighting the modern imperialist monster. The attack on the base of Chinese moneylenders in Karachi after the attack on the Chinese base in Gwadar is a continuation of the attacks on its strategic assets. The Baloch will continue it, no matter what the cost.

The statement of Dr. Baloch comes after the recent attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi on Monday, by a Baloch armed group Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). According to reports, 8 people were killed and seven others injured in the attack by four members of BLA’s Majeed Brigade.

Majeed Brigade is believed to be an elite unit of BLA solely comprising of what BLA calls “self-sacrificers”. The unit has carried out fierce attacks in past too including an attack in 2019 on a five-star hotel in Gwadar, frequently used by Chinese engineers. The organization was also behind attacks on the Chinese consulate in Karachi and on Chinese engineers in Dalbandin in 2018.

In his statement, the BLF leader said that the basis of violence drive from occupation, and all the roots of violence are implicit in occupation. We learn the lesson of the revolutionary war from the thoughts of personalities like Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh and the Baloch national traditions.

In the reaction of the criticism on such attacks, Dr. Nazar said; today, few so-called intellectuals are critical of our revolutionary war, and according to them our attacks justify Pakistani violence. They do not see the tears of Haseeba and Seema, and during which attacks their loved ones were caught red-handed by the state army and thrown in jail? Why don’t they notice the fact that Pakistan and China have made a practical decision to wipe out the Baloch nation from Balochistan? Pakistan’s barbarism and violence have been going on for seventy years now. Pakistan’s atrocities and barbarism, the tears of Baloch daughters on the streets are increasing the intensity of our war. These tears are to be avenged on Pakistan and its allies. I am well aware that Pakistan will increase the Baloch genocide by using such attacks as an excuse, but it will not wipe us out, he added.

Dr. Baloch further stated Baloch nation is fighting a revolutionary war. The young and treasures of their mothers do not go on an attack just for fame or due to madness but to convey the message of their oppression to the world and to break the pride of the enemy.

Baloch Militants group, Baloch Republican Army’s chief Gulzar Imam Baloch in his official Twitter outfit said that “Apart from the of India’s conspiracies, Pakistan Army’s Prime Minister must also remember the lessons of Pakistan occupation on the Baloch homeland in 1948, the abduction of thousands Baloch youth, the humiliation of women & the brutalities of oppression”.

Further added, “your economic hub has been attacked by Baloch youth”.

Referring to the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange by the Majeed Brigade of the Baloch Liberation Army, senior Baloch liberation leader Mir Abdul Nabi Bangulzai said that Baloch martyrs have sacrificed their lives for the independence of Balochistan.

He said that he paid a heartfelt tribute to those who attacked the Karachi Stock Exchange. Such sacrifices are making history in the Baloch National Movement.

Another Baloch Militants group Baloch Republican Army (BRA) in an emailed statement on the attack in Pakistan Stock Exchange said that BLA martyrs (Fida’een) are creating history in Baloch national resistance.

Karachi attack has achieved the real goals of resistance, such attacks will be supported and will continue to achieve the national goal – Beebagr Baloch

Baloch Republican Army spokesman Beebagr Baloch paid tributes to Salman Hamal alias Nautak, Shehzad Baloch alias Kobra, Sangat Taslim alias Muslim, and Sangat Siraj Kangar alias Yagi. He said that the martyrs have breathed a new life into the continuation of the Baloch national liberation movement, the intensity of which will be felt by every Baloch youth, old men, and woman.

The spokesman said that the sentiments, feelings, and spirit of sacrifice of the Baloch youth for the freedom and irrigation of the homeland were proving to be a source of anger for the occupying Pakistan.

Beebagr Baloch added that the stock exchange is considered to be the backbone of any country’s economy. Located in a sensitive high-security area of ​​Karachi, targeting stock exchanges on arrival is a failure of Pakistani institutions, while Baloch militants have proven the best strategies and plans that Baloch militants have the ability to attack the enemy anytime and anywhere.

The spokesman said that Pakistan was continuing its exploitative plans with the Baloch genocide to perpetuate its occupation of Balochistan and China was an equal partner in these exploitative plans. As Jeeyand Baloch, spokesman for the Baloch Liberation Army has said “the attack is not only on Pakistan’s economic interests but also on China’s economic interests in Balochistan in response to China’s exploitative plans and a warning that if China continues to exploit Baloch. He said that Pakistan would continue to support the Baloch genocide and the attacks of Baloch militants on its interests would be intensified.

“This attack is no less than a great victory in the Baloch armed resistance. Our organization considers martyrdom attacks as an important and effective weapon against the occupiers in pursuit of national independence and purpose. The moral and practical support of these attacks will continue,” he added.