Leading Balochi poet and writer Akbar Barakzai has recently refused to accept the award for best book in Balochi prose announced by the Academy of Literature Pakistan.

“He has sent this news exclusively in an email to the editor of Hal Hawal and asked him to publish his detailed position in this regard” as per the Hal Hawal.

Along with the said email, he has also forwarded the email which he has written to the Chairman of the Academy of Literature, Dr. Yousof Kashak. In that e-mail, he wrote to Dr. Kashak: “I learned through a friend that my book has been nominated for the Academy of Literature Award. I am grateful to you for this honor, but I apologize for the award.” Unable to take.

The question asked by the editor Hawal is why does he not want to accept this award?

He wrote in a reply email “Thank you for reminding me that I could not explain the reason for not receiving the award. Certainly, the reason is the policies imposed by the government on Balochistan which has kept the people subjugated.”

It should be noted that according to the announcement of the Academy of Literature of Pakistan, under the “National Literary Award 2018” (prize Rs. 200,000), many books written in different languages ​​were awarded the award. The Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi Award in the field of prose was announced for the book “Zaban Zanti – Balochi Zaban Zanti”. Which they have refused to take.

Akbar Barakzai is a well-known name in Balochi poetry and literature. He is mainly from Lyari. He remained active in left-wing politics in the 1970s. His collection of poems has been published under the title “Roch Ke Kusht Kant”. He moved to London permanently in the 1980s. He is now around 80 years old. He is still associated with Balochi literature and engages in regular literary activities.

It may be recalled that earlier during the tenure of General Musharraf, Prof. Nadir Qambrani had returned the award of the Academy of Literature Pakistan based on disagreement with the government. Saba Dashtiari had also returned the protest award, however, He had donated the award money to Syed Hashmi Reference Library.