Pakistani forces forcefully disappeared two more youth during house raid in Kharan area of Balochistan.

According to details, Pakistani security forces raided a house in Laje area of kharan and arrested and subjected two youths of enforced Disappearance.

The abdutees have been identified as Deen Mohammad son of Kashmir Mohammad Hasani and Liaqat son of Wadera Mohammad Karim Sasoli.

The families of the missing have appealed to human rights organizations to play a role for recovery of their missing youth.

Whereas In Awaran district, Pakistani forces severely tortured a labour and broke his leg.

Photo courtesy Zrumbesh

According to local sources, in the Malar area of Awaran district in Balochistan, Pakistani forces brutally tortured a poor labour named Avaz Mohammad and threw him half-dead.

While, The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) an organization of family members of the victims of enforced disappearances, completed its 3995th day of protest on Saturday, in front of Quetta Press club in Balochistan.

National party’s senior leader Niaz Ahmed Langov, Malik Naseer Ahmed Shahwani, Khalid Advocate, Hooran Baloch and others participated in the protest, expressing solidarity with the families of Baloch missing persons.

The leader of VBMP Mama Qadeer Baloch expressing his views said that women play a major role in development and changing of the world, whether it is the past of the living world or the present and the future to come, the courage, bravery, boldness, passion and character of women have always been prominrent.

He said, that the innocent faces of Martyr Malik Naaz and Martyr Kulsoom Baloch are asking many questions, these questions are actually being asked from those who claim themselves champions of human rights. It is not known that how many parents have been taken away from their children alike the children of martyr Malik Naaz and Martyr Kulsoom.

He further stated that human rights situation in Balochistan has been worsened, where human rights activists have turned a blind eye, and the state media has become an ally of the forces and is advocating their misdeeds.

“The serious situation in Balochistan has been a question mark on international organizations especially on United Nations,” Mama Qadeer added.