Militants attacked oil and gas company in Bolan area of Balochistan on Monday and United Baloch Army (UBA) claimed responsibility of attack.

According to details, militants attacked a convoy of an oil and gas company in Pir-Ghaib area of ​​Bolan with an improvised explosive device (IED) and then attacked the convoy with rockets and modern weapons.

According to reports from local sources, the attack took place when security forces were escorting the company’s engineers and laborers who were on the way for search of oil and gas in the area,where armed men were already in ambush.

“A Pakistani army vehicle was completely destroyed with IED, after which ambushing gunmen attacked the convoy with rockets and heavy weapons” as per sources.

Whereas, government officials haven’t commented in this regard yet.

The responsibility of the attack claimed by an armed group, United Baloch Army (UBA).

Mureed Baloch,a spokesman for the United Baloch Army, said in a statement to the media from an undisclosed location that UBA fighter targeted the convoy of security forces on an oil and gas exploration company in Pir-Ghaib area in Bolan with remote-controlled bomb and completely destroyed a security forces vehicle, after which the fighters attacked other vehicles with rockets and other automatic weapons.

The spokesman said that a large number of security forces and company engineers were killed in the attack.

The spokesman warned foreign companies to stop investing in Balochistan and vows to continue attacks till the independence of Balochistan.

Two photos were aslo released by UBA to the media shows an vehicle totally damaged by IED, according to the group, the video of the attack will be release soon to the media.