Pakistani Forces were attacked by Baloch militants in different areas of district Kech in Balochistan.

Accoridng to details, various attacks on Pakistan forces by Baloch militants groups took place in kech area of Balochistan, during last 24 hours.

As per sources, Pakistani forces were attacked today at ealier morning in Mand area of kech district.

No information has been provided by the district administration in this regard yet.

While a Baloch Militants group Baloch Republican Army’s (BRA) spokesman in a media released statement claims the responsibility of the attack.

Beebagr Baloch said that it’s fighters attacked Pakistani army’s check post in Chokaap Kaur area of Mand, district Kech with multiple weapons while they were engaged in initiating a new checkposts. killing Two army personnel while another was wounded.

He added that forces from this particular check-post were involved in operations against the Baloch civilians in surrounding areas.

While, another Baloch armed group, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has taken the responsibility of two different attacks on Pakistani forces in Mand and Tump.

Balochistan Liberation Front’s spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch said in a statement issued to the media on Monday that BLF Marksmen have attacked Pakistani forces with sniper rifle in Azian are of Tump, which resulted in killing one military personnel.

Photo circulating in social Media by the relatives of the killed Pakistan army soldier.

While, earlier a day ago, BLF spokesman aslo took the responsibility of a sinper attack on Pakistani forces in Mand. saying that BLF marksmen attacked a military post in Sangistan, Khandag area of ​​Mand with sniper rifles, killing two Pakistani soldiers.

Last in a weak BLF has taken responsibilities of various sniper attacks in the area, whereas Pakistani government officials as always remains silent and mostly hide the rate of attacks on Pakistani forces by Baloch armed forces.

Whereas, another most active Baloch armed group, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has taken the responsibilityof seizing supplies from the Pakistani military on Sunday.

In a press release the offical spokesman for the group Jeeyand Baloch said that BLA personnel seized a truck used for supplies to the Pakistan Army in Niwano area of Buleda, while the truck driver and his accomplice were also taken in custody.

He added that “Our fighters returned the truck to its owner since he is a Baloch, and set fire to the seized rations. The driver and his accomplice are under investigation. They will be released, if not found guilty of stratagem against Liberation movement”

The spokesman added that the BLA strongly urges the Baloch nation to keep themselves and their children completely away from the occupying Pakistani army and not to be their direct or indirect facilitators. We cherish every member of our nation but he who supports the usurper, will have no room for mercy.

Further as warning BLA’s spokesman said that The BLA’s targeted operations will continue against the Pakistani army and the Baloch national traitors. Our attacks on enemy should be expected anywhere and anytime.