Murwarid Baloch, Central Vice-Chairperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO Azad), in a statement termed the launch of online classes by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on June 1 as an injustice and cruelty to the students and said that the state has been in Balochistan for the last seventy years, and added that Baloch nation have been left behind in every field including education.

“Students are the builder of the future of any nation, but the state has always tried various tacticps to keep the students of Balochistan backward,” the statement said.

she further added, Extrajudicial arrests of students, discovery of mutilated bodies, conversion of educational institutions into military barracks have created an atmosphere of fear among students. The ban on politics, progressive literature and literary and scholarly dialogue in educational institutions has suppressed the creative and research abilities of students.

Murwarid Baloch further said that internet services have been suspended in major cities of Balochistan in view of orders of state agencies including Kalat, Awaran, Turbat, Panjgur, Sorab, Kohlu and other districts. Internet services and electricity have not been provided from the beginning in most other areas. Students studying in Balochistan and outside of Balochistan are in their hometowns due to the closure of educational institutions where there is no electricity. The internet is like a madman’s dream while internet services in major cities have been suspended by the state under military orders. In this dire situation, the decision of the Higher Education Commission to conduct online classes is a failed educational plan and is tantamount to disrupting the academic careers of the students.

At the end of her statement, Murwarid Baloch said that the students of Balochistan were afraid of the security forces’ actions and extrajudicial arrests on the one hand and the launch of online classes and unavailability of facilities on the other. Forced to breathe in a suffocating environment. The organization stands by the students in this hour of need and the organization will fight hard against for this injustice