At midnight on Friday, Pakistani forces raided the New Kahan area of ​​Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, searched homes and detained two brothers and transferred them to an unknown location.

According to the details, Pakistani forces and plainclothes personnel parked their vehicles away from the houses of the locals and entered the area on foot around one o’clock last night and raided several houses.

According to reports, the forces detained Sher Dil Marri, a school teacher, and his brother Nadir Khan Marri Baloch during a midnight raid and transferred them to an unknown location.

Sources said that Pakistani forces tortured the two brothers on the spot, blindfolded and forcibly took them away at night, after which no information could be found about them.

Sher Dil Marri is one of the teachers who volunteered to teach Baloch children in New Kahan Quetta.

His family has called on human rights organizations to intervene to stop the ongoing human rights violations and enforced disappearances by state forces in Balochistan.

It may be recalled that another teacher of the same school, Abdul Rehman son of Haji Baloch Khan Marri, was taken into custody by Pakistani forces in 2011 and went missing, about him no information has been received so far.

According to the relatives, Abdul Rehman was on his way home in a bus on Quetta Karani Road when forces and intelligence personnel signaled to stop the bus at Zafarabad FC check post.

According to the relatives, the officials asked all the passengers on the bus to hand over their identity cards. After checking Abdul Rehman’s identity card, they arrested him. He was blindfolded and beaten, dragged to an intelligence vehicle in front of all the passengers and taken away.

According to various independent human rights groups, there is credible information of enforced disappearance of people in Balochistan, numbering in thousands, whose fate and whereabouts continue to remain unknown. These people subjected to enforced disappearances include men, women and children of different ages and profession.

Almost all cases point to the involvement of the FC and secretive agencies of Pakistan.
Despite the UN chief’s call for domestic violence ceasefire amidst coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rise in the enforced disappearances of Baloch students and activists in Pakistan, with the UN and international community seemingly taking no notice of it.