The central spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO Azad) expressed concern over the increase in extrajudicial arrests of Baloch students and said that Balochistan has been turned into a no-go area for the last 70 years where no section is safe. People have been extrajudicially arrested and moved to unknown locations and have been kept out of the limelight for years, while hundreds of victims of enforced disappearances have been martyred during the violence and this trend is still going on in Balochistan. An atmosphere of fear is visible.

He said that extrajudicial arrests have affected all sections of the society but in recent days there has been a worrying increase in extrajudicial arrests of Baloch students in Balochistan.

The spokesman further said in his statement that the security forces arrested Sana Sia Pad, M.Phil student of Allama Iqbal University from Kharan, and moved him to an unknown location.

He said that Nasir Pullan is a student of Bahaudin Zakaria University while Rafiq is a student of uthal University. Earlier, a student of Karachi University was also arrested out of court from Turbat. On the one hand, the epidemic of corona virus has caused educational difficulties for Baloch students. On the other hand, the extrajudicial arrest of students has not only increased their difficulties but has also created an atmosphere of mental anguish and fear among the students.

At the end of his statement, the spokesman said that hundreds of students from Balochistan have been martyred after extrajudicial arrests under the Search and Destroy Policy. Many Baloch student leaders and members belonged to the organization have gone missing and are still extrajudicial. Court arrests continue unabated Students are a conscious segment of society that guarantees national survival and identity, but extrajudicial arrests of Baloch students are ploy to endanger Baloch national identity. The organization will continue its political struggle.