After the attack on the Pakistan Army’s Major on Friday 8 May, different reactions by Pakistan and Baloch leaders have been reported.

According to details, 6 Pakistani Army including Major Nadeem were killed in an IED Attack in a place near in Kallag area of Tigran, district Kech. Later the responsibility of the attack was claimed by a Baloch armed group, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA).

“Major Nadeem, who was killed in the attack, was directly involved in the formation and leading of so-called death squads of criminal gangs operated by Pakistan army in Kech district of Balochistan, including targeting civilians in military operations in the area. Major Nadeem was providing security to drug dealers in the area and was involved in arming them against Baloch freedom fighters,” Said jeyand Baloch, Spokesman for BLA.

In a tweet Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR),The media wing of Pakistan army said that, “the security forces were returning to their base after conducting a routine patrol in Kech district, reconnaissance vehicle of FC troops was targeted with remote controlled IED.”

Naik Jamshed, resident of Mianwali, Lance Naik Taimoor, resident of Taunsa Sharif, Lance Naik Khizer Hayat, resident of Attock, Sepoy Sajid, resident of Mardan and Sepoy Nadeem, resident of Taunsa Sharif area among those who were killed in the IED attack with Major Nadeem Abbas Bhatti, resident of Hafizabad.

Who was Major Nadeem?

Major Nadeem Abbas Bhatti was born in 1984 in Hafizabad, Punjab, joined the Pakistan Army in 2005 and has been stationed in Balochistan for the past one year. Major Nadeem Abbas Bhatti is the son of former MPA Nazar Abbas Bhatti, brother of former District Nazim Mubashir Abbas Bhatti. PTI member was the cousin of Pakistan National Assembly member Shaukat Ali Bhatti and nephew of former members of the National Assembly Chaudhry Mehdi Hassan Bhatti and Chaudhry Liaquat Abbas Bhatti.

Nadeem had married Kadeeja Bhatti and was father of two sons and a daughter. Major Nadeem had been on leave for the last several months. He had just returned from a few days before his death.

Major Nadeem was one of the notorious military officers stationed in Balochistan, conducting operations against civilians in Makran, raiding homes and looting, setting up regional death squads and using them to attack freedom fighters and their families. Major Nadeem was overseeing the war crimes.

Various sources familiar with the situation say that Major Nadeem was running a whole chain of drug trafficking in Balochistan, including smugglers of international mafias. Major Nadeem was smuggling drugs in the form of military convoys. He was notorious for his immorality.

The images of flames from cars and houses and Major Nadeem standing nearby are from last year’s incident where Baloch property was set on fire during an operation.

A man in Ketch said on condition of anonymity that Maj. Nadeem had forcibly picked up several minor boys from Turbat and sexually abused them in a military camp for several days.

Sources also said that Major Nadeem had chaired a meeting at the Turbat FC headquarters in early January of the same year which was attended by several members of the State-backed death squad Death Squad including Yasir Bahram, Rashid Pathan and Mullah Omar.

Major Nadeem’s funeral prayers were attended by military and civilian officials in Hafizabad.

The major, who had joined the army in 2005, was posted in Balochistan a year ago.

Reactions by Baloch Leaders.

Dr Allah Nizar Baloch, a well-known Baloch separatist leader and Head of Balochistan Liberation Front comments on this attack, on his twitter official handle said that,
National Party leader Dr Malik who pretends to be non-establishment. His picture with war criminal Major Nadeem Bhatti shows his real face. Bhatti was known for recruiting minors, destroying hamlets & killing many in Balochistan. Three children killed as his vehicle IEDed by BLA.

Balochistan Liberation Army’s (BLA) Chief, Basheer Zeb, also hinted an increase in their attacks in this tweet, You wreak havoc upon our people, snatch their livelihoods and then expect to be showered with flowers?

Akhter Nadeem, a commander Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), another Baloch armed group, has also expressed his views on twitter, Army is using the jobless & junkies as cannon fodder in Balochistan. Those got blown up with Maj Nadeem are a clear example. If they were killed otherwise there would’ve been an outrage. Baloch people should identify such elements within who spy on the defenders of motherland.

Former Chairman of Baloch Student Organisation (BSO) Advocate Rahim Baloch another political known name in Balochstan has tweeted, PakistanArmy slain Major Nadeem Bhatti was a war criminal involved in human rights abuses, blazing dwellings & livelihood of civilians, using proxy militias, dealing with drugs, recruiting teenagers as pawn. Reportedly 3 teenagers killed with him & five other sustained injuries.

Reactions from Pakistan

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Shibli Faraz says on Mothers’ Day, we especially salute to the mothers of martyrs, who offered great sacrifice of their sons.

In a tweet on Sunday, he said mothers of Pakistan are distinctive in the world as they thank Almighty Allah on martyrdom of their sons.

Zahoor Ahmed Buledi, a Pakistani politician who is the current Provincial Minister of the Balochistan expressed condolences and said that I am at total loss of words on the heart-rending news of IED attack on FC vehicle near Buleda in which Maj Nadeem Bhati & 5 Jawans embraced Shahdat.Nadeem was my classmate at FC College,feeling devastated on this personal & national loss.Perpetrators will be made an example. Rest in Peace.

Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Monday sought Iran’s cooperation in dealing with Baloch militants allegedly operating from its soil.

Gen Bajwa called Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Maj Gen Mohammad Baqeri against the backdrop of the  attack.

The Inter-Services Public Relations did not issue any statement on the conversation.

However, Iranian official newswire Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) rep­orted that the two generals discussed military developments, security of borders and the coronavirus crisis.

Gen Bajwa, IRNA rep­orted, “urged the exchange of expert delegations to maintain border security and prevent terrorist moves on common borders”.

He also informed the Iranian commander about the measures being taken by the Pakistan government to prevent unauthorised cross-border movement.

Gen Baqeri, while talking to Gen Bajwa, expressed readiness for cooperation against the miscreants and called for enhancement of security measures at the borders so as to prevent the terrorist groups and “common enemies” from creating problems at the borders.