Martyr Shadad and Ehsan realised that violence can only be countered with violence, Baloch leader said.

According to details, Bashir Zeb Baloch, the head of an armed organisation, Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) tweeted on Tuesday regarding the two Baloch students allegedly killed by Pakistani forces on Saturday.

BLA, the armed organisation striving for the independence of Balochistan, a neglected natural resource rich region, has claimed that both the deceased were affiliated with the organisation.

In first tweet Bashir Zeb Baloch said “Martyr Shadad and Ehsan had reached a level of consciousness that they could not disregard Pakistani brutalities, exploitation and the humiliation of Baloch women any further.”

The tweet continues to the 2nd thread, in which he further stated “With their education and experiences they had come to realise that violence can only be countered with violence and the ultimate solution against an imposed war exists solely in a national resistance movement”.

While, two young Baloch students, Shadad and Ehsan were shot dead on Saturday in Kalat area of Balochistan, which Baloch pro-freedom groups and BLA claimed that they were targeted by Pakistani army and the death squad groups under patronage of the army.

Both the young men, were widely known due to their student activism, were highly educated ex-students of prestigious Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Islamabad.
Shahdad Baloch, after completing his master’s degree in Defence and Strategic Studies at QAU, was enrolled in M.Phil program at the National Institute of Pakistan Studies. Whereas, Ehsan Baloch had earned his master’s degree in Gender Studies from QAU Islamabad. Ehsan also had a master’s degree in English Literature from Turbat University.