The gunmen targeted the personnel on duty at the check post and fled.

According to reports, unidentified armed men targeted Pakistani forces last night at Khost in the mountainous area of ​​Shahrag in Harnai district of Balochistan.

“The security personnel were targeted when they had set up a roadblock in the area for checking” TBP reported.

Unidentified gunmen fled the spot after the attack, but reports of casualties have been reported, however officials have not yet commented.

Earlier in the day, an operation was carried out by Pakistani forces in Mashdari area of ​​Shahrag in Harnai.

Gunship helicopters took part in the military operation and shelled various places in Mashdari.

According to local sources, the forces also set fire to the huts of the civilians but the civilians have already migrated to other places.

No arrests or casualties were reported during the operation, but military officials have not commented on the operation.

Whereas, Pakistani forces and their supporters have been targeted by Baloch armed liberation organizations in Shahrag and other areas of Harnai in the past. The forces have suffered heavy casualties and financial losses in these attacks.

In September 2018, a camp of Pakistani forces in Mashdari area of ​​Shahrag was captured by armed men after an attack, which was claimed by Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) spokesman Jeeyand Baloch, who said four personnel were killed in the attack.

The BLA’s official media channel, Hakkal, released a video of the attack on October 6, 2018, which went viral on social media.