Expressing condolences to the family of Elahi Bakhsh Baloch, father of former missing chairman of theorganization Zahid Baloch, the Central Chairman of Baloch Students Organization Azad said that it is very unfortunate that most parents in Balochistan pass away waiting for their sons.

“Chairman Zahid Baloch went missing on March 18, 2014, after being extrajudicially arrested from Satellite Town, Quetta. During the long period of six years of his disappearance, many peaceful protests and demonstrations were staged in Balochistan and Karachi against his disappearance, but he is still missing” he said.

Suhrab Baloch further said that Chairman Zahid Baloch’s father Elahi Bakhsh Baloch passed away after remaining ill for a long time after his son was forcibly disappeared by army.

Mr. Balochbl further expressed Earlier, the mother of the missing Ghulam Farooq also passed away waiting for his son. Elahi Bakhsh Baloch raised a great leader like Zahid Baloch for Baloch national movement of independence whose words and actions showed his unconditional love for motherland.

“At the end of his statement, the chairman said that the issue of missing persons in Balochistan is getting worse due to the silence of media and institutions. Many families are going through a constant pain. Others are passing away with immeasurable pain of disappearance of their loved ones” he said.

He added that, International organizations should take notice considering the critical situation in Balochistan and take all the necessary steps for the recovery of all missing persons and play their role to relieve the families of the victims suffering from the unbearable pain.