For the past three days, ground troops have been engaged in large-scale operations in Surgar, which includes combat helicopters.

According to Current Balochistan correspondent, the military movements started early on Friday in surroundings of Jahoo area.

A Local of Jahoo has shared with us that Military personnel have sieged different areas of Jahoo and six helicopters are continuously shelling on civilian population.

However there is no confirmed reports of any arrests in military operation yet.

It should be noted that, in the past few days, a large number of troops consisted of around 30 military trucks from the kohado and Greshag area of Jahoo had entered the mountain range of Surgar which is currently facing a deadly military operation, going totally ignored by the mainstream.

Military operations are common in Balochitan and many civilians have been abducted in operations from different areas of Balochistan in last few years.