Pakistan military forces conducted an operation, arrested and disappeared several persons in Panjgur district of Balochistan on Tuesday.

According to the details, today at earlier morning Pakistan forces started a military operation in areas of Balgatar and forcefully disappeared several persons.

Who have been identified as Khuda Baksh s/o Deenar, Sepabo s/o Lal Mohammad, Nadil s/o Lal Mohammad, Iqbal s/o Rasheed and Dil Murad s/o Madat.

The forces closed the roads entering the areas while the troops carried out raids on different houses, gunship helicopters had bee used during the operation. women including children aslo were reported to be harassed.

Military operations are common in Balochitan and many civilians have been abducted in operations from different areas of Balochistan in last few years.

It is to mention that the problem of missing persons in Balochistan is getting worse day by day, while protests are taking place in Balochistan and foreign countries by various political parties and organizations to recover the missing persons. A peaceful protest on daily basis by the families of the victims is also continued over a decade now.