Pakistani forces were attacked in Margat and oil and gas company personnel in the Kahan area of ​​Balochistan on Tuesday, BLA has claimed the responsibility of both attacks.

According to details, today at earlier morning, oil and gas company personnel were attacked with improvised explosive device (IED) in Ristri area of Kahan and Pakistani forces were also reported to had been attacked with an IED in Margat area of Bolan.

The both explosion has caused casualties to Pakistani officials, but authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

In a media released statement a Baloch separatist group BLA claims responsibility of Margat and Kahan attacks.

“Baloch Liberation Army fighters attacked the Personnel of Pakistani army and agents of oil and gas exploration company in two different attacks” said Jeeyand Baloch, BLA’s spokesman in the statement.

He explained, The first attack was carried out in the “Ristri” area of Kahan when BLA fighters targeted a surveying team of an oil and gas Exploration Company with IED. The attack resulted, killing two agents of Exploiter Company. We have already warned such exploration companies to stop their expeditions in Balochistan.

“In a separate second attack, BLA fighters targeted a military vehicle in the “Margat” area of Bolan Balochistan. The IED attack completely destroyed the patrolling military vehicle and killed one, injured two army personnel” jeyand Baloch added.

He stated that Baloch Liberation Army vows to be a hindrance in front of any exploitation project in Balochistan and our attacks on Pakistani forces will continue till the independence of Balochistan.

BLA including other Baloch separatists have been targeting CPEC and other projects, including construction and oil and gas companies, in several attacks over the past two decades.