Dr Allah Nizar Baloch the leader of Balochistan Liberation Front an Baloch militants group, expressed  his view on the Disappearance of Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain, who has gone missing from Sweden since 2nd March 2020.

In social networking site on his twitter official outlets, Dr Allah Nizar Baloch said that” Sajid Hussain is a prominent journalist and intellectual. He has worked for several Pakistani newspapers and also collaborated and corresponded with international media. He wrote about narco-barons, Baloch political and social issues and gave deep insight about the Baloch plight”.

He further expressed that His disappearance from Sweden is just shocking. His life was in danger that is why he took asylum there. His uncle was murdered due to his political views. Swedish authorities, United Nations, Amnesty and journalists’ organizations must help to find Sajid’s whereabouts and well-being out.

Sajid Hussain Baloch who had worked with various Pakistani mainstream media outlets, moved to Sweden in 2017 as a refugee.

While, He was chief-in-editor of Balochistan Times, an online magazine, when he went missing.