Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch has claimed responsibility for the attack on the death squad’s hideout, including a check post and a check-point of the Pakistani army in Awaran.

Major Gwahram Baloch told the media from an unknown location that the BLF fighters attacked the military check-post at Labach Dansar area of ​​Awaran district around 4 AM on Wednesday morning with rockets and automatic heavy weapons. Three personnels were killed and two were injured in the attack.

He added that a military outpost located at Kor-e- Dot in Awaran District was targeted by rockets and heavy weapons at around 4:30 PM, killing two army personnels and injuring two.

He said the death squad personnels in Mula Barkat’s hideout was also attacked in Labach area of ​​Awaran district. The hideout of the aforementioned state-sponsored death squads was targeted with rockets and automatic heavy weaponry. The Death Squad established in the patronage of the state of Pakistan is involved in several crimes, including abduction, killing and intimidation of the Baloch and is equally involved in the Baloch genocide with the Pakistani army.

He views that attacks on the occupying state forces and their assistants and facilitators will continue till the independence of Balochistan.