Even after passage of eight years and continued efforts Dost Mohammed Baloch who was arrested and disappeared from Karachi by intelligence agencies is still missing.

According to the details, whereabouts of Dost Mohammed Baloch an employee of the Ministry of Defense in the Sultanate of Oman are still unknown, he was enforcedly disappeared eight years ago by Pakistani state Intelligence agencies from Karachi.

A residence of Prom, Panjgur Balochistan, Dost Mohammad son of Saleh Mohammad was a small ranking office in the Defense Forces of Sultanate of Oman.

According to a report, he was abducted on 12 February 2012 near Karachi Airport. After spending his annual leave in his home town he returned to Karachi via air flight from Panjgur to fly back to Oman. His relative in Karachi received him at Karachi Airport. They were traveling home by a motorcycle which was hit and forcefully stopped by Pakistani state intelligence personnel in plain clothes in two cars. They both were severely beaten and then taken away to an undisclosed location.

“Dost Mohammad’s relative was released after a while but after Eight years Dost Mohammad is still missing. His family says, he was not a member of any political or Baloch arms resistance group, his only crime was that some young members of his family were active in Baloch national movement” mentioned in the news report.

Pro-independence Poltical organization, Baloch National Movement’s Chairman Khalil Baloch said in a tweet.

Regarding this BHRO secretary General Abdula Abbas said in a tweet in his official twitter account.

While, other Baloch activists tweet regarding Disappearance of Dost Mohammad and demand immediately released of him and other missing persons.

While in a relased statement Daughter of Missing Dost Mohammad, Mehnaaz Baloch said that we do not know yet what crime my father is serving and in what condition he is.

At the last, Mehnaz Baloch appeals the government authorities and human rights organizations to play their role for the recovery of her missing Father.